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The lust we feel for Phallus is our

Purpose in life. There is only Phallus.

All else is passing. Cock, God,

Eternal and Perfect, the words do

not exist to frame the Fire of Worship.

Adoration! Enslavement! Passion! All

words are feeble and insufficient…

Until you have given yourself over totally to lust you will fear it; while you fear it it will control you, not you, it.  Once lust is yours you have the power SATAN meant you to have


In All Satanic Lust And Absolute Perversion,

We Have Initiated And Trained Our Sons Lord SATAN,

To Worship Thee Truly In All Sodomy,In All Phallic Worship,

They Shall Rise Unto Thee As Thy Legion On Earth,

Unto Thee We Offer Lord Them Lord,

Upon Them All Satanic Seed Shal lBe Shed To Thy Glory…

(via satanssleazybro)